Website Development & Optimization

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Maramel’s team of expert website developers and digital strategists uses state-of-the-art technology and applies the web development industry’s best practices to build custom sites that boost user engagement.

Kick-Off & Discover
Custom sites, by their very nature, must be unique. To make sure your website stands out from the competition, we do our utmost to get to know you and your company. How? Based on your brand, needs, timeline, and budget, we will build a custom web development project plan for you — tailored to your business and industry.
Information Architecture
The primary mission of our information architects — our AI and UX teams — is to define the features, functionalities, structure, and user experience of your website, providing you with a solid foundation for a successful online business.
Design Mock-Ups
Our team of highly skilled designers can create premium custom designs for the mobile, tablet, and desktop versions of your site to improve brand perception and boost your conversion rates. Our mission is simple here: ensure that your site has a cohesive, functional, and beautiful design during every stage of your web development project.
Coding & Development
To develop your website, you will have your very own team of web developers to build you a custom solution based on your specific business needs and goals.
Quality Assurance
Before your website even goes live, we painstakingly hand-code each page and go through a 100-checkpoint quality assurance process to ensure that your custom website is ready for its launch..
Launch & Optimization
After we launch your site, our team of expert web developers continues looking for the best ways to boost website performance, analyzing data, and integrating new site features and functionalities to expand your online business.

Why Many Sites Fail


If you want to convert your website visitors into actual customers, they must trust you and your company. That’s why our experienced team of interface designers and online marketers perform countless tests to identify the best ways to build trust in your brand online.

“Mismatched messages”

When the messages on your site don’t live up to the expectations created by advertising or don’t satisfy the needs of your website visitors, it can lead to higher bounce rates and lower ROI. For this reason, we study your customers to better understand their specific needs, build a solid online sales strategy and, in turn, craft the right online messages for your target audiences.


If front-end coders and back-end developers take shortcuts to just “get the job done,” it leads to shortcomings like slow page-load times, browser and device incompatibility issues, and broken pages — all excellent reasons for visitors to leave your site and never convert into customers. To prevent these problems, we adhere to strict web development standards to make your site compatible, fast, and ready for our search engine optimization.