Video Production, Photography & Animation

High-quality photography, videography, and animation can take your brand message to an entirely new level. Visual media elevates the appeal of your brand, which increases customer engagement on any social, web, e-mail, or print platform — and leads to higher marketing ROIs.

Our video production, photography, and animation teams can help you tell your brand story through visual media that captivates your target audience, attracts new customers, and helps keep existing ones.

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The Flagship Company

Although the entire production process is important, it is crucial that the message of “explainer” videos is crystal clear. With this in mind, Flagship can now, in 60 seconds, explain to web visitors what their services are all about.

Schwarz Plastic Surgery – Social Media Channel

Finding a balance between casual and professional is the key to success when using video to build and promote a brand online. We have been helping Dr. Karl Schwarz maintain that delicate balance for years.


Chai Lifeline

In our ongoing goal to help the community, MARAMEL produced an animated video for Chai LifeLine which explains to children and parents in a simple and familiar manner their mission statement and main services.


After creating the branding and several product packaging designs, up-and-coming flavour-enhancing sweetener AmazStev worked with MARAMEL’s team to build an animated PowerPoint sales presentation.

La Fast

Produced for the largest fruit distributor in Europe, the LA FAST animation serves to emphasize the brand, family and community values, and the strict quality control and standards of their products.