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Emotions evoked by colors in a logo.

By June 29, 2018April 11th, 2019Branding

Why MARAMEL’s logo makes you feel “that way”:.

When we design the look of a brand many creative and conceptual elements come into play from a marketing point of view. Many of those artistic elements such as the choice of the colors used in branding elements such as the logo, play an important emotional role in influencing the consumer’s purchase decisions. Colors should work in harmony with the brand’s mission, culture and offerings. The right colors should not only stand out among the competition but also speak to the consumer and make her/him feel comfortable with the brand.

MARAMEL’s colors were chosen to reflect our attitude towards our business as well as our “raison d’être”. For example: the gradient’s warm color scheme shows an exciting red, which displays boldness and youthfulness, the dark purple showcases wise creativity, along with imagination and sophistication, finishing on a blue shade, which evokes trust, strength, and reliability. All these colors show the essence of our corporate personality and what we stand for.